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Friday, February 24, 2006

An Experiment

I just finished editing and authoring a DVD for a friend and I was left with his short film footage. So I started playing. These are the results:

Starting off here we have footage that originated on Super 16MM then transfered to DV for edit and export for DVD distribution. Here is the original footage clip:

This is what I did to it:

Looks strange, like Eraserhead strange but it's Big Wheels meets Sin City meets Charlie Chaplin!

The process: First I gave it the Sin City treatment by isolating the one color, this time red and limiting the rest of the colors in the Color Correction tool in FCP. Here is a great tutorial via Ken Stone. Then I treated the footage with a number of Nattress filters along with some Magic Bullet and was surprised on how great it looked. Not because I doubt Graeme's abilities or The Orphanage for that matter but I was impressed. Did a little time remapping and voila! What a difference!

Note: These clips are encoded with the H.264 codec so you will need Quicktime 7. Craaaaazy!


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