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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

DMTS Review - Inside Final Cut Pro 5


As an ongoing series on this web log (I don't like the sound of blog so I will refer to it as it's intended name) I will be reviewing products from time to time. With the advent of Final Cut Pro Studio, Apple has presented us with a whole new set of tools for our workstation. With that update Magnet Media is soon to follow with their Digital Media Training Series. I am a user of their products and find them to be extremely helpful in retaining the massive amount of information involved with new changes in technology and just understanding how an application works.

To start, I am only reviewing the update disc of each training series that cover the new components of each application. Future installments will include Inside Motion 2, Inside DVD Studio Pro 4 and Inside Soundtrack Pro. There is an exception to Inside Soundtrack Pro because that is new product. It is probably a good idea to pick up previous versions for each application for they all serve as a good foundation. I still go back to them when I get stuck on something and need a quick reference point to break down the workflow of a particular task.

I find these DVD's better than textbooks because you are visually taken through the lesson with an instructor, Evan Schechtman, editor and founder of Outpost Digital. If you need to go into greater detail you can go back to the manuals that came with the software. You do have the manuals don't you? Inside Final Cut Pro 5 gives you a look at some real interesting advancements in this version. I would like to focus on their section on new workflows and format support. The section goes into detail on how Final Cut Pro 5 handles HDV and MPEG IMX along with the cameras that utilize these formats. The new Panasonic P2 camera and format is also discussed. This is important because of the mass confusion dealing with these new technologies. This section also speaks of improved interoperability and the advancements made with Cinema Tools so you can streamline your film to video workflow. What the DVD touches on and what makes the whole Apple thing a true gift is how all applications can easily import and export amongst each other. Say you are working on a project in FCP and you want to create a quick graphic to chapter out your sections you can do it easily by exporting into Motion, create your graphic, update as need be and back to FCP smoothly.

Also, there is a great tutorial on the new Multiclip Editing feature. The DMTS disc provides a real clear path on how to make this workflow, well, flow. I can envision how not only reality shows will benefit from this but also features using multi camera coverage for a scene such as action films.

The update DVD comes with 1.5 hours of training and 19 lessons with project files included. A solid investment if you want to stay current with all advancements in Final Cut Pro.


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